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Rust is a PC survival game created by Facepunch Studios.

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With rust, do not bother to sign up for Koh Lanta! This game gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, whether it is solo or multiplayer ...

Rust is a fps survival game, developed by Facepunch Studios and available on steam. If you've always dreamed of going on the adventure, but you were afraid to mount a tent in the back of your garden. Maybe this game might interest you! Indeed, you will have the adventure in the couch with a pack of chips and a can beside you (in case of a hard blow)! She is not beautiful life? If you are still looking for what steam key you offer, the answer is all found! You will indulge in survival, you will make fire, but do not make cramer your pc ...

Rust is also an environment that will put you in danger! Hunger, loneliness, fear and above all: Who says nature, says babe! Will not they be ravenous? For this, try immersion rust, and let us live your experience through your testimonials. Finally, if you do not get yourself in an ambush you would have strained another player eh, because if at first, the game gets carried away gently trying to survive as you can, know that after you will have to survive To your ability to magic the weapons properly! The multiplayer mode offers you the possibility of fighting furiously against the other survivors and there, one can consider that the things are racing quickly, and that survival does not matter anymore! You find yourself delivered to yourself with a bunch of guy who wants your skin! Wow! Keep your back !

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