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Batman: Arkham City is the kind of darky game! In this game, we feel that the flippe has settled in the city, and that people feel insecure! It must be said that with the army of zigotos with the disturbed spirit that reigns in the city, there is enough not to be at ease eh!

So will you put some order back into this organized chaos?

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Batman: Arkham City really takes back the unhealthy atmosphere, the feeling of suffocation that gave us Batman: Arkham Asylum! You will find yourself immersed in the city of Arkham and you will be brought to rub the twisted minds of the Joker, the Penguin or even Harley Quinn! This game promises you many hours of restoration in the city where you will take a cunning pleasure to kick the train to a whole lot of junk more evil than the others ...

So if you feel the soul of a super hero and you want to take the place and get into the character of Batman, the real, not Robin eh! Well, you've come to the right place!

Batman: Arkham City, this is the opportunity for you to test the latest gadgets, my favorite is the "Batgriffe", with it, you shoot your enemies to you to distribute them memorable slaps! We have a max!

Batman: Arkham City is also a great action-adventure game, which is even better! Sometimes, there are also similarities with infiltration games ...

Batman: Arkham City is a complete game that presents all the characteristics of the top games for all fans of the genre! Action, suspense and a well-tied intrigue with evil villains eh ?! We do not teach you anything, if a villain became nice, it would make a character less to unscrew! In short! In Batman: Arkham City, it's not tomorrow the day before, since the city is crawling with characters more crazy than the others! Between criminals, thieves and delinquents of all kinds ... Admit that there is something to do, and you like?

Yes ?

Very well, then put on your gloves your mask and put a little order in this city of Gotham City with the game Batman: Arkham City!

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