Xbox One Bundle

Xbox One Bundle


The xbox one bundle includes 1 random key for the xbox one platform only. You can find inside this bundle : video games, DLC, xbox live card as well as the xbox one subscription. Only for gamers!

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The Xbox One Bundle is the assurance of being able to touch 1 random key, certainly, but 1 key for the platform Xbox One! So what ? I see you coming from here and saying,

"Okay, fine, but what exactly can you find inside?"

I would reply that you will find DLC, subscriptions to live XBOX ONE as well as prepaid cards for the live xbox one and finally video games! Then yes, because that's the main one, isn't it?

So the list can be long huh, so I'll list the main ones! You might have the pleasant surprise of discovering Borderlands 2, Rust, the Elder Scrolls, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 4, Rainbow 6 seat, Payday 2, Tekken 7, Shaddow of Mordor, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, GTA V, Fallout 4, 7 Days to Die, The Division, Left 4 Dead 2 or even the excellent Skyrim from the elder Scrolls and many others!

So calm down?

Yes, I too! Basically, it is clearly tempting! And there you go me the classic verse, the famous:

"Yes, but I never get lucky every time I play, I lose!"

Hey, you know what? Stopped !

The Xbox One is a top bundle that satisfies the customers, and still happy! It is a xbox games bundle, obviously it contains xbox one video games, but it could also contain a subscription xbox live, xbox live card, or even xbox live codes. This is a must have (and if you have not followed in English course, must have means you absolutely must have it) ... With the Xbox One bundle, You need to have fun: gaming, gunfight, RPG or even adventure! Between us, the more the trouble to hide it, because I know, you have only one desire, is not it?

No, do not say anything, I know what you're thinking!

You just want to draw your controller, connect your console and enter the key code!

It's good, I want to tell you! And it's here, on GAMEKEYBOX, with the XBOX ONE BUNDLE that happens!

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