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Platinium Bundle


The Platinium bundle includes 20 random keys for the STEAM, XBOX ONE or PS4 platforms. You can find games, DLCs, live XBOX ONE or PS4 live subscriptions as well as prepaid cards for live XBOX ONE, PS4 or STEAM. Each key is compatible with a single platform based on the number of characters in the key.

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Platinum, you said platinium? Is not a movie title? Hum ...

It's not the question, huh!

The Platinium Bundle is OUR Platinium BUNDLE, our baby, one of our pampered ! We do not touch it, we say no harm eh!

I calm down, the Platinium bundle is a top product that includes no less than 20 random keys! Boom !

Then, it is exhaustive this bundle eh! Yes, you could touch video games, especially for playstation 4, xbox one, steam games, steam gift card, cheap xlive subscription, psn codes, subscription ps4 cheap, pc games Cheap, steam bundle, cheapest playstation subscription, xbox live card or even the steam bundle ...

What are they used for? Can we play on what platforms? Nothing more clear, one can play on STEAM, XBOX ONE or PS4. You can find games, DLCs, live XBOX ONE or PS4 live subscriptions as well as prepaid cards for live XBOX ONE, PS4 or STEAM.

But not only ! You may have a nasty surprise and come across one of the bests games on our site, such as Borderlands 2, Rust, Elder Scrolls, GTA V, Fallout 4, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 4, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Seat, Payday 2, The Witcher 2, Shaddow of Mordor, 7 Days to Die, The Division, Left 4 Dead 2 or even the excellent Skyrim from the elder Scrolls and many others!

So he is pleased the pépère, finally I say that, if it happens it is a mere eh! In short, truce of jokes! The Platinium Bundle is all the same to put a maximum of chances on your side in order to be satisfied, to have the opportunity to please a close, two close ones, oh and go to the whole family, and Even to your cousin Gideon! And yes, sacred Gédéon, who has a first name chelou, but who has meanwhile already invested in 3 Platinium Bundle ! So if you do not want to look like a Zebulon in front of your cousin Gideon, you have the best interest in paying you the last Platinum Bundle !

That's it, you're before the button add to the basket, you tremble, you breathe slowly, a drop sinks along your forehead?

And then, you clicked, in fact it was not so complicated voilà! Now Enjoy your Platinium Bundle !

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