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Gold Bundle


The Gold bundle includes 10 random keys for the STEAM, XBOX ONE or PS4 platforms. You can find video games, DLCs, live XBOX ONE or PS4 live subscriptions as well as XBOX ONE, ps4 or STEAM pre-paid cards. Each key is compatible with a single platform based on the characters number in the key.

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The Gold Bundle ? You realize it costs 5 bullets ?! For 5 balls in 2017 you have nothing more, and well for exactly 4.99 €, in 2017 at GAMEKEYBOX, you have the Gold Bundle Sir! It is the ability to touch the steam gift card, cheap xbox live subscription, psn codes, ps4 cheap subscription, cheap pc games, steam, xbox live subscription , The prepaid card steam, or even xbox live!

It includes 10 random keys, of course!

But they can tell you what is the most expensive, what you dream of, yes, I say what you dream of! Ok, there are games, DLCs, subscriptions to live XBOX ONE or PS4 as well as prepaid cards for live xbox one, playstation 4 or STEAM. Yes ! That's it! But besides that, nothing prevents you from winning the bet and flaming with your friends by announcing that you have touched one of the top games present on our site like: Batman Arkham City, The Division, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Fallout 4, Rust, The Witcher 2, Borderlands 2, Rainbow 6 Seat, Payday 2, Shaddow of Mordor, GTA V, The Elder Scrolls, Battlefield 4, Left 4 Dead 2, 7 Days to die, Tekken 7, Resident evil 7 or even the excellent Skyrim from the elder Scrolls and lots of others! The Gold Bundle is the Olympic Games of the video game! Do you project yourself too? The Marseillaise, the podium, you on the first step with the French flag who climb and enthroned above the others, above your opponents of the day? Everything is possible who knows !? Why not? What prevents you from immersing yourself in Call of Duty and becoming the best? To become the reference, the number one? What is stopping you? Nothing in fact eh? In the meantime, it takes a start, and the story begins now! Yes, it starts here by clicking add to cart! For the rest, let the beast of video games that sleeps in you express all his talent and self-denial!

You see, not only the energy drinks, the Gold bundle also gives you wings!

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