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Silver Bundle


The Silver bundle includes 5 random keys for the STEAM, XBOX ONE or PS4 platforms. You can find video games, DLCs, live XBOX ONE or PS4 live subscriptions as well as prepaid cards for live XBOX ONE, PS4 or STEAM. Each key is compatible with a single platform based on the characters number in the key.

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The Silver Bundle my friends! What is it ? Oh not that much huh ?! Just the possibility of recovering 3 random keys for the main platforms of games that are Steam, PS4 or xbox one ...

So yes, again, we can pick random game keys, or DLC, live XBOX ONE or PS4 subscriptions, or prepaid cards for Steam, XBOX ONE or even ps4 ...

Is it worth mentioning that each key is compatible with a single platform, only one, and depending on the amount of characters it contains? Actualy no huh, you're big!

In any case, I know, what makes you salivate while surfing on our site, these are video games eh ?! Normal, so yes! Yes, you might also get a chance to hit one if you try your luck by adding this Silver bundle to the cart! What games am I talking about? Are not you serious?

Well I speak for example of the excellent Shaddow of Mordor, GTA V, Batman Arkham City, Fallout 4, Rust, the Witcher 2, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Rainbow 6 seat, Left 4 Dead 2, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, The Elder Scrolls, Battlefield 4, 7 Days to die, or even the excellent Skyrim from the elder Scrolls and many more!

So we say thank you who?

No ! We do not say that! And I know right away what you thought!

We say thank you GAMEKEYBOX! And yes, GAMEKEYBOX, it is the reference site for games games, playstation 4, xbox, steam, steam gift card, xbox live subscriptions, psn codes, ps4 subscription, pc games, Steambox, xbox live, more playstation or even xbox live codes!

We make every effort to ensure that your passion for the game is fulfilled, so that the experience of navigation is optimal, and that you can receive a coffee within 6 seconds ...

Warning, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

No, still nothing? Good it will come, while waiting for the coffee break, test our Silver bundle!

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