Origin Bundle

Origin Bundle


The ORIGIN bundle includes 3 random keys for the ORIGIN platform only. You can find games, DLCs, and prepaid cards for ORIGIN inside this box. Each key is compatible with a single ORIGIN account.

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19,99 €

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It's neither a lucky bundle nor a bronze bundle, it's serious this one!

If I tell you Origin Bundle and you reply Gustave Courbet, you are at the hair;) LOL!
In fact if you answer me that you are not a geek and you will be able to pass your way, whatever this message could interest your children or one of your relatives. Remember, here we are talking about video games!

The Origin bundle, bundle among our PC bundle, is the bundle you dream of! The one and only, if I may say so.
It is the possibility to play games such as: ... Uh ... Exclusive and unusual content, is not it ?!

Well, imagine you in front of your screen to do nothing and I playing a good game, you hate eh ?! And ben: 3 buy the origin bundle and burst you the noodle (my little love rabbits)!
Nan I'm serious girls! Wait, you have the chance to win a good game, a good DLC ^^ or a small indie game. Friendly for three times nothing. In these cases, I start directly (without going through the square!).

A good idea if you want to have fun all night, after your job, with the Redbull going well, do not go further it's here that it happens!
Do not let go, it's 100% random but it's game friends, if there are no winners there are no games =)

The Origin Bundle is 3 random games on the Origin platform, and it's at Gamekeybox that it happens!

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