Dirt 3 Full Edition

Reduced price! Dirt 3 Full Edition

Dirt 3 Full Edition


Treat yourself with DiRT 3 Full Edition, and start off in the DiRT 3 off-road race! Enjoy many additional content including feats, scoreboards and the ability to save to the Steam Cloud.

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29,99 € tax incl.

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Dirt 3 is not playing the vroum vroum with your cousin Félicien guy!

Dirt 3, it is still a condensation of thrills, it is controlled skidding, the handbrake and the crumpled sheet in your face!

Let's go back to basics, with Dirt 3, you will not be stuck at the red light, this game is the sensation of driving in bar, a treat for your senses! In addition, we can say that the artistic direction has put the package! Rain, mud, snow, all in a very realistic way! Really we were spoiled! Whether you drive by day, by night, on snow, on icy road or wet: The result is without appeal!

The sensations are just great!

Dirt 3 is also a good range of vehicles available with different modes of games quite varied, and environments licked and a disconcerting realism! The multiplayer is a really nice and fun option, because we're not going to lie, Dirt 3 is even better when you run against real drivers!

Take the left in a lace, a small fishtail, it is really enjoyable! In any case, the grip is really simple and intuitive, for a really cool driving rider, but rather arcade actually! But that's okay, it's a price party!

And the soundtrack then? Bah if you do not have installed an MP3 player in each vehicle, you can say that sounds and songs are well chosen and do not do tasks in the game, and that's still a big plus! So yeah, it's not Johnny B.Good yelling in the loudspeakers, but it's not Jul either! Your eardrums and ears thank you!

Truces of jokes ...

Dirt 3, after trying it, we want to take back!

Dirt 3, if you kiffes the piloting and adrenaline, pass the second direct!

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